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BrandKiss can not only offer you high value brand partnership campaigns we can also offer you:

• Music Video Location Shoots

• Festival Sponsorship Activations

• Research & Insight Projects

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Promote your destination through the power of music with a famous music artist! Have them shoot their music video at your location whilst having it promoted online - for life!

Why Music?

• The average person listens to 2.8 hours of music a day creating an emotional connection with bands and music artists

• 84% listen to music on the go with 76% stream music video content

Why is a Music Video the right direction to promote your destination?

• Associate an AAA famous music artist with your destination promoting the appeal and increasing consideration as their next holiday destination

• Immeasurable PR opportunities plus significant earned media exposure through all channels

• Detailed reporting on each channel



We’re able to partner your destination with a number of festivals throughout the UK – choosing festivals with particular relevance to your audience

Why Festival Sponsorships?

• Festivals are more than just about Music: Food and Drink, Sports, Winter/Seasonal, Motorsport festivals are all looking for sponsors to add memorable and social experiences

• In this past year brands are reallocating traditional spends and billing it to things like a festival

• 44.2% remember sponsors from festivals they attended

• A 3 day duration is a chance to create an immersive and interactive relationship with your audience

Why A Festival Sponsorship Activation?

• Inclusion in multi-marketing channels- e-newsletters, website coverage, social media posts, posters and print coverage, after festival videos

• Immerse festival goers and excite them about your destination through an engaging activation

• Complete end-to-end delivery- A dedicated project management team will assist you throughout the project



The UK travel market offers an exciting growth opportunity for your destination. Learn how BrandKiss can help you maximise your opportunities

Why is Research & Insight important?

• It enables you to clearly identify motivational selling points for your destination and evaluate the customer journey to ensure a smooth route to booking and travel

• Research can analyse the impact of any relevant industry trends as well as political and economic considerations that could affect travel to your destination

Why does your destination need a Research & Insight Project?

• To allow you to focus budget spending in the UK market including budget allocation between trade and consumer markets to maximise booking potential

• Identify key selling points of your destination that motivate UK travellers and identify any barriers to travel

• Identify trends and market conditions

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